Where can I purchase the tickets?

Tickets can be purchased at the different hotels in Varadero or at the box-office in the marina (Marina Marlin Chapelín). At both locations you will be informed about the different trips and departure times.

What payment methods do you accept at the boarding point?

At the moment we only accept cash as the payment method. We do not accept credit cards at the hotels or at the boarding point in Varadero.

How do I get to the departure point?

Transfers from hotels are included in the price. Please ask for more information to your hotel concierge.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive in advance to your departure time to allow for boarding. Boarding closes 5 minutes before departure.

What should I bring?

Comfortable rubber-soled shoes or sneakers are a good idea. Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat are a must, and do not forget your camera.

Trips get cancelled if it rains?

Since Cuba is a tropical island, we experience rain quite frequently during rainy season, normally showers that pass rapidly. If the captain decides conditions are favorable for touring, the trip will take place. The boat counts with exterior and interior decks.

What happens if it does not rain but sea conditions are not favorable?

Again, the captain decides if conditions are favourable for touring.

Is there food on board?

Our bar has a selection of snacks and drinks that you may choose from. Availability of product may differ, so please ask the crew members for the availability. Please remember to bring cash in hand, since we have no credit card payment available on board.

Do passengers ever experience motion sickness?

Our catamaran is designed to be highly stable, but some passengers may experience motion sickness. If you think this could be you, a medication such as Dramamine may help but you should take it at least an hour before boarding. Sitting near the front of the boat and facing forward can help.

How long is the trip?

The approximate duration of the tour varies depending on the different trips. The Seafari Isla Paraíso trip has a duration of approximately 4 hours and the Romantic Sunset trip has a duration of approximately 2 hours.

Is smoking or drinking allowed on board?

Smoking is not allowed on the boat. Alcoholic beverages are allowed and can be ordered (without a charge) at the bar. Any other drink such as soft-drinks or water bottles are also allowed.

What happens if I can not make it to the departure time?

Tickets are non-refundable. If the crew at the boarding point considers it appropriate, you may be relocated as long as there is availability in other trips.

Do you offer discounts for large groups?

We do have discounted group rates for parties of 10 or more. Please get in touch with us at: and we will help you out with your group.

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